...to the website of Wansford Horticultural Society - a society founded in 1946 by the British Legion, but which has undergone many changes. We hope that we now cater for the needs and interests of 21st century gardeners and garden lovers of all ages. You don’t have to have a large and immaculate garden – or indeed any garden! - to join us!

An alternative for 2020.

As the annual Flower and Craft show for this year has been cancelled due to Covid-19, an alternative for your Bank Holiday Saturday is being held. This year on the 29th August you are invited to join in with a new Wansford mini show " On Your Doorstep" held in your street. ( click on the picture below for more information)

Flyer 2020

What we do...

We aim to offer our members at least one activity a month throughout the year. We find that our members favour a programme offering visits to the greatest gardens and gardening shows in the country, talks on all aspects of gardening today, including the effect of climate change on our gardening habits, and social get-togethers such as barbecues, picnics and Christmas parties. Our Annual Show on August Bank Holiday Saturday holds pride of place.